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Motherhood Experience

Please take a look below at some of the recent testimonials we have received from our patients. We welcome patient feedback to let us know how we can improve – please send us details of your experience.

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Mrs. Binal and Mr. Sandip Chaudhri

My husband & I delivered our first “BABY GIRL” at the starting of January & we cannot say enough about how positive our experience was during my pregnancy, labour, delivery & postpartum care. The staffs were incredibly kind & supportive & they made us feel capable & empowered to care for our baby girl.

Thank you to the staff of Rupal Hospital & Vama Wellness Center for positively supporting families as they embark on the adventure of parenthood. Thank you a lot, Dr. Rupal madam

– Mandvi, Surat
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Mrs Binisha and Mr Jenish Patel

We are grateful to Dr. Rupal and the Team for taking such good care of me and my newborn baby. Dr. Rupal madam’s friendly nature and compassion will never be forgotten. You are the best doctor in Surat. We got so many benefits from your knowledge and experience. We appreciate your excellent care. Thank you for your wonderful surprise.

– Kamrej, Surat
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Mrs. Bobby and Mr. Harimohan Meena

I (Bobby) would like to thank Dr. Rupal ma’am from the bottom of my heart for being such an amazing doctor and also being so patient with me throughout my first pregnancy journey, I would also like to thank all the doctors and staff of Rupal hospital.

Thank you so much Dr. Rupal ma’am for giving me the best gift of our life and caring for me as a mother. Thanks.

– Rajasthan
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Mrs Brinda and Mr Ankit Chaudhari

We are glad to announce that we are blessed with a baby boy after 6 long years of waiting. I got the chance to become a mother at the age of 35, which was only possible because of Dr. Rupal Shah.

Dr. Rupal has taken great care of my health during my precious pregnancy. She is incredible as well as lovely to speak with at every appointment. It is rare to find a doctor like you, that combines such personal touches and care for a patient with an outstanding quality of medical care and hospital facilities.

The surprises and all the memories, which she helped me to create during my pregnancy would be unforgettable. My experience was awesome with Rupal Hospital. I highly recommend it to anyone.

– Adajan, Surat
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CA Deepa Sharma

My journey at Rupal hospital was an amazing experience .from the moment I found out, I was pregnant, I know this would be the best phase of my life, and Rupal hospital proved it all right.

Of course, Dr.Rupal was the captain of the ship, who made my journey as smooth as butter. Everything is available under one roof, what more do you want during this corona time. All facilities Related to the doctors, fetal medicine expert or fitness expert, be it a photo shoot, you can enjoy all at one place. THANK YOU, Dr. Rupal shah for this amazing ride, All the very best.

– Dubai
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Mrs Brinda Mr. Siddhath Parekh

My journey at Rupal Hospital has been excellent so far. I have had a pleasant time under the guidance of Dr. Rupal Shah. Her decision-making on time has helped me a lot during pregnancy and way of explanation were quick and satisfactory. All the staff, nurses, and masi’s were always ready to help at any time. Thanks, Dr. Rupal Shah and Team.

– Vesu, Surat
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Mrs. Dhanashree Patel

I very much appreciate Dr. Rupal Shah & her team for taking care of me. Her consultation and guidance have always calmed me and put me to ease. Loved coming to Rupal and I feel blessed to have met Dr. Rupal Shah. Couldn’t find a better doctor than Rupal ma’am. Everyone takes care of every patient with love and warmth that of a family. Thank you!

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Mrs. Dhara and Mr. Jaydeep Nalavde

In this beautiful memorable journey of motherhood, I received amazing care from Rupal Hospital. Dr.Rupal and her team’s support, warmth and guidance made my normal delivery easy and delightful. Dr.Rupal is such a friendly, happy and kind as a person! Thank you for giving me my most precious gift of life.

– Ghoddod Road, Surat
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