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Please take a look below at some of the recent testimonials we have received from our patients. We welcome patient feedback to let us know how we can improve with our IVF Center – please send us details of your experience.
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Mrs. Anila and Mr. Vijay Rabari

We feel humble and happy today that we are blessed with the World’s best gift ever. We are thankful to Dr. Rupal Madam for suggesting us to undergo this miracle procedure of IVF to fulfill our dreams. With its success, today, we are the proud parents of a baby boy after a long time of 12 years of marriage.

– Valod, Tapi
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Mrs. Archana and Mr. Amit Soni

Dr. Rupal has brought immense happiness to our lives by giving us the opportunity of seeking parenthood after 25 years of marriage. We are very thankful to her for bringing this happiness into our life. To get the blessings of parenthood, we tried many things like whichever treatments are available, and prayers and Archana had 3 miscarriages. After the strong recommendation by our relative, we approached Dr. Rupal, and after a year of care and treatment, now we are proud parents of an amazing baby. Our gratitude and good wishes for the further success of Dr. Rupal.

– Surat, Gujarat
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Asmita Chetan Prajapati

We have been married for 7 years, and we tried many medications prescribed by other doctors, but we couldn’t get a result. Our doctor from Savli referred us to Dr. Rupal Shah. Soon after we met with her, we started our treatment and followed her advice. With her guidance and treatment at the IVF Center in Surat, we got blessed with a baby girl. We are very thankful to Dr. Rupal, who gave us a way to conceive a baby that gave our family immense happiness.

Dr. Rupal is like a God to our family and us. We convey a BIG THANKS to her, Dr.Priyanka Ghevariya, and her hospital staff, who supported us throughout.

I was born under Dr. Rupal’s mother’s guidance – Dr. Maltiben and my baby were born under Dr. Rupal. We are very much happy; they entered our lives as God and fulfilled our desire.
Thank you very much.

– Sejvaad, Bardoli
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Mrs. Bharti and Mr. Jayesh Rana

For us, Dr. Rupal Shah is like the god who brought happiness in our disappointing life. All our bad days and memories had made our life worst. But with the guidance and support of Dr. Rupal Shah, we are blessed with an adorable Baby Boy after 12 years of marriage.
We tried everything to seek parenthood. We also took multiple IVF treatments at Udaipur’s IVF Center but got failure and got mentally, financially, and physically exhausted. But when one of my friends, who also got the privilege to achieve parenthood under Dr. Rupal’s Guidance, recommended her. With Dr. Rupal’s help and hard work, and dedication, THANK YOU is very less for that.

– Surat, Gujarat
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Mrs. Bhavna and Bhavesh Gandhi

It is said that doctors are God. We have heard this for ages and from many people but never believed. After meeting Dr. Rupal now, we know how God be like. Because even after 11 years of marriage, we could not get success in becoming parents. We visited many doctors and took many medicines, and each doctor used to say the reports are normal, but still, we couldn’t get success of parents, but because of Dr. Rupal, we are blessed with a cute baby boy, and now for us, Dr. Rupal has come like God’s blessings. The hospital staff is accommodating and co-operative, and we are very thankful to Dr. Rupal and her team for an amazing experience at the IVF center.

– Navsari, Gujarat
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Mrs. Bhoomika and Mr. Roshan Patel

There are not enough kind words to let you know how much I appreciate Dr. Rupal Shah. Going through infertility is hard, but she and her team made it much easier to get through. Everyone was so lovely every time that I visited the Centre. That meant a lot to us. I knew that we would not get that kind of treatment anywhere else. I want to express my most profound appreciation to Dr. Rupal Shah and her team for creating a pleasant and friendly atmosphere for their patients. Thank you again for everything you did for us through this journey, your caring, kindness, professionalism, and support.

– Lusaka, Zambia
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Mrs. Bijal and Mr. Jigar Shah

After 13 years of marriage, we have almost lost all the hopes of having a child in life. It was you who counseled and gave us hope to attempt for a child through IVF treatment. We sincerely appreciate your determination to gave us a child at the inception of the treatment. Because of your support, care, and extra efforts, the entire treatment was comfortable, which otherwise would be very stressful for the couple. Today we are delighted and proud parents of 4 years son, and credit goes to you. One can fully trust you and your team for all the treatments related to infertility and gynecology. We wish you and your IVF center great success ahead!

– Surat, Gujarat
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Mrs. Chitra(48 years) and Ravindra Rajput

Dr. Rupal has brought the light of happiness into our lives. We were childless for 24 years of our marriage. We tried many treatments at Nasik and other IVF center of Maharashtra, which failed in the end. But, Dr. Rupal guaranteed us that we will surely succeed in our treatment and proved it. We are heartily thankful to her for giving us the happiest day of our life. We pray in such a way no one remains disheartened and gets the happiness of being parents.

– Nandurbar, Maharashtra
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