Our Five Decades in Women Health Care

The Road So Far

Best Gynecologist in Surat
Best Gynecologist in Surat

1971: Dr. Malti Shah, a young and dynamic gynecologist from the reputed B J Medical College, Ahmedabad, commenced her professional journey as the Chief Resident Doctor at the most famous Rukmabai Hospital ( SMC Trust Hospital), at Bhagatalao, Surat. Within a very brief time span, she rose to become one of the most trusted and skillful gynecologists in Surat.

1977: She started a private nursing home by the name of Rupal Clinic at Ranitalao, Surat, making it an important step in the legacy to follow.

1978: Outgrowing rapidly from the private nursing home, she took a giant leap in establishing the Snehal Clinic, one of the best medical infrastructure for Gynec and Obstetric care in the city at that time. With her hard work and dedication, she back arguably the leading doctor in her field in the region of South Gujarat, with patients pouring in from far and wide places.

Best gynecologist in surat

1985: With time, the Snehal Clinic ran out of space to accommodate the flourishing practice, and another unit by the name of Rupal Clinic was constructed, with a total number of bed count of about 50, the largest amongst private practitioners at that time. One of the main reasons for such a thriving practice was Dr. Malti Shah’s persistence to remain upgraded and be a pioneer in the city in the fields like infertility treatments and endoscopy.

1997: Dr. Rupal N Shah, a talented and enthusiastic young doctor, fresh with her MD in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, joined the practice. Trained in lots of specialized processes like Ultrasonography and Gynec Laparoscopic Surgeries, Dr. Rupal brought with her the latest advances in medical science, especially in infertility treatments, to the practice. Rupal Hospital got rebranded as Rupal Hospital for Women, indicating the beginning of more inclusive solutions to multiple medical services in the gamut of Women’s Health Care.

2012: Dr. Rupal Shah co-founded the blossom IVF centre, where she had worked until 2022, playing a pivotal role in granting the gift of motherhood to countless infertile women worldwide. 

Best Gynecologist in Surat

2017: Dr. Rupal’s zest and vision lead to setting up a very innovative healthcare and wellness facility named Vama Wellness Centre for Women. Through its all-women team of doctors, the center offers a single-point diagnostic and consultation facility for all the medical issues faced by a woman during her lifetime viz. Adolescent Care, Gynec Care, Diet & Nutrition, Physiotherapy, Psychiatry, Mammography, etc. This concept to offer comprehensive, integrated, and multidisciplinary care for women has become an exemplary model for others to get inspired and emulate.

2020: The culmination of these 5 decades of legacy and service is celebrated by creating a brand new state-of-the-art facility for Women’s Care. This boutique facility sets a new benchmark in the sophisticated and tasteful ambiance, very well trained caring team, and ultra-high hygiene and sanitation standards in the post-Covid era. While carefully addressing the need of new normal’s, the new multispeciality hospital exclusively for Women is all set to make you feel at home!