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Please take a look below at some of the recent testimonials we have received from our patients. We welcome patient feedback to let us know how we can improve – please send us details of your experience.

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Mrs. Vikisha and Mr. Keyur Patel

We have completed around 5 yrs of marriage. My wife was suffering from INDOPETHIC THRYMBOCYTOPIENIA PURPURA (I.T.P.). For 4 years, we were not able to plan pregnancy because of this life-threatening medical problem. But Dr. Rupal assured us, and we had success in 1st IVF treatment. Even after our positive result, after 6 months of pregnancy, there were many serious complications related to her I.T.P. problem. She had to undergo an emergency splenectomy(removal of the spleen), followed by a hematologist’s intense treatment. During all these ups and downs, Dr. Rupal did not leave hope, and ultimately, she gave the best gift of the life-our a cute baby girl.

Thank you to all the staff and Rupal mam for all your hard work to fill our life with happiness.

– Ena, Palsana
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Mrs. Zankhana and Mr. Brijesh Desai

We have no words to express our happiest feeling of life. My husband and all our family members are very thankful to Dr. Rupal, who came into our life as God. She gave me lots of confidence and guidance since day one of my fertility treatment until I delivered a baby boy after 9 long years of waiting for a baby. During the whole pregnancy journey, I had many ups and downs, But madam gave me positivity to see the happiest day of my life; thank you for everything, dear Rupal madam.

– Navsari, Gujarat
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